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Understanding The Way Google Works

Google ranking is giving many website owners sleepless nights, as they are unable to understand the algorithms on how to rank high on the search engine. Google is really serious about who ranks high on their search engines. It ensures ethical methods are used to reach the top place. This is why it keeps redefining the rules every now and then, to eliminate unscrupulous elements from gaining prominence on the search engine. Today Google focuses on two themes mobile and features. The modern consumer uses mobiles for everything, be it checking flight times or movie times. SEO services like Thunder Rank are passionate about getting the best results. offers more information on how Google gets answers to your questions.

2 Themes Google defines search as an assistant that is available through all aspects of your life. The role of Google is to find answers to all your queries irrespective of where you are, and whenever you need it. This is how the first theme Mobile First came into existence. Everyone understands the mobile has overtaken desktop long ago. Which is why Google is focusing on mobile-first? Google prefers to have all on the same page, especially in the mobile search. Google is just replying to the paths. It is very simple to understand, people are searching on the mobile and Google is making it convenient, quicker and better.

Features are the next theme Google focuses on. Over the next few years, Google will be developing a number of new features. This will redefine the way users search. In today’s fast world, people want quick answers to their queries and in this connect features like autocomplete, spelling suggestions, related search queries, knowledge graph, calculator, flight timings, showtimes and more. The quest to meet the demands of the modern user is getting complicated, yet Google is leaving no stone unturned to bring about change to satisfy the users. These are the two themes, the search engine is built upon. If you have any queries on how Google works, it is important to know more about it.

How Does Google Solve Your Problems? Google approaches the problems in two ways, firstly the action before the query and after the query. It is similar to the behind-the-screen preparation for the answers to the queries posted by the user. Google is equipped to answer, anything and everything, instantly. You will be surprised to know that Google’s Artificial Intelligence RankBrain has answers to questions that were never asked earlier.

Before The Query They crawl the web, extract the links and semantic annotations, index building, dividing into loads of pages named as shards and a considerable number of shards are needed for web index. For SEO experts crawl the web and analyze the web is easy to understand, but index and the shards are tough ones.

After The Query The next part is when the query comes in three things are intended to happen. First Google will Understand, then Retrieve the right answer and then Adjust. First, it looks for named identities and synonyms, this facilitates Google to understand what you are searching, then comes retrieving, where queries are sent to the shards in the index. Now the shard finds the match and a score is given on how to answer the queries. It is then sent to the top of the page. Lastly comes adjustments, here it looks for duplications and host diversity. This gives a range of answers.

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