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Common Misconceptions About SEO Strategies

For the past several years, several misconceptions have appeared on how search engine work. This makes the newbie who seeks SEO firm for their business website. You can check the articles written by various SEO experts. In Google, you can search using their name along with the term SEO expert. For example, type in the search box of Google as SEO expert Tyler Perez and Google will list down the websites and blogs of Tyler Perez.

You can understand the real story about the misconceptions of SEO.

In earlier time Meta tags are a very popular tag in SEO. You must add the keywords so that your site will rank high when the user typed the similar keywords. But this process eventually came to death since the process was not in use by most of the search engines. Now, title tags, Meta description tags are essential for SEO. In addition to that, Meta robot tag is vital to control crawler access.

Another myth is paid SEO advertising affects your organic SEO rankings. But there is no evidence for that. The popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Ping have put limitations on this. In Google search engine, even the advertisers spent several million for their website has not granted any special access from the search quality teams. As long as the search engines follow the same procedure, the belief that paid SEO advertisement boosts your organic result is a myth.

Most of the search engines do spam analysis for individual pages in the website. Keyword stuffing is the most important spamming technique that in using the sane keywords repetitively in the web pages so that your website seems to be more relevant to the search term. But as said above, this process is really feeble. It is simple for the search engine algorithm to scan the web pages for stuffed keywords and block the visibility of the websites which are stuffed with keywords. Also, some search engines penalized your website for keyword stuffing and other types of spam techniques.

The widely used website spam technique is manipulative link acquisition which tries to exploit the search engines utilization of link popularity in the algorithms for ranking so that it artificially enhances their website visibility. Some of the methods of using manipulative links are reciprocal link exchange programs, paid links, link schemes, and low-quality directory links.

Regardless of individual pages, spamming techniques, domain level spamming process are also in practice. The search engines have the techniques to find out the properties and traits across the entire root domains or subdomains that can easily red flag the spam domains. The search engines algorithm can also examine the types of links and referrals made to a website.

In spite of the above elements, there are several other things you must know before picking an SEO company. Hiring a wrong SEO company for your website is the waste of time, energy and money. So you must spend your time on researching the best, reliable and quality SEO Company.

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